Recovery opens New Directions

Recovery opens New Directions

Recovery opens New DirectionsRecovery opens New DirectionsRecovery opens New Directions

Professional, experienced guidance for addiction-free life

Business card that details process of addictions recovery coaching


Together, we –

o Find pathways for recovery

o Explore resources for support

o Practice life management skills

o Plan rewarding leisure activities 

o Make connection with family and friends

o Learn to make the most of all we are


What's It About?

Coaching for What?


What IS a Recovery Coach?

According to New York’s Office of Addiction and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), the agency which certifies the training and professionalism of Addiction Recovery Coaches:

Recovery Coaching is a form of strength-based supports for persons in or seeking recovery from alcohol and other drugs, and other addictions. Similar to life and business coaching, Recovery Coaching is a type of partnership where the person in or seeking recovery self directs his/her recovery while the coach provides expertise in supporting successful change. Recovery Coaching focuses on achieving any goals important to the individual. "

In Other Words...

... For anyone thinking about recovery from substances or other obsessions,

or anyone in recovery seeking the satisfactions of a rewarding, even exciting, life

or anyone concerned about another's addiction and recovery:

We help you find your goals and follow your dreams.

Why Wellspring Recovery?

"Wellspring - a source of continuous, inexhaustible supply " (such a great counseling name, others use it!)

At this Wellspring, in person or at a distance, we offer an ongoing supply of support in the adventure of recovery:

With coaching that draws on:

- years of experience in addiction counseling, 

-advanced professional education and training in health fields - research in  and publication of books about life planning,

-and many decades of personal recovery... 

· Coaching based  on proven skills at offering shared experience and nonjudgmental expertise on substance use disorder and other addictions.

Join in the Adventure of Recovery


  Where do you dream? and how can you get there?

Wellspring Recovery offers at no charge an initial evaluation of an individual’s drinking or drug-use status and then works out an agreement to develop a Recovery Plan geared to their personal needs and strengths. We recognize many pathways to recovery - pathways that lead from an adult’s past, toward a contented and useful life. And all it takes is the willingness to consider a new beginning. We adapt a sliding scale of fees to fit.

It’s never too late - so let us begin!

The First Step is Easy

Contact us for a free introduction.

We welcome anyone over 18 - (and we're especially happy with the 55+!)

We'll arrange logistics and a sliding scale for fees.

Looking forward to it!

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It's never too late! Your time is now. If you think you or yours may have a problem, just call!

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